Add your own checks
How to use the "Others" section from the settings to add your own checks

How does the section work?

# Example configuration of the listener for an example client/version/mod
#The name of the configuration section (you can use what you want, it is not important)
#The channel name sent by the client that HackedServer will intercept
#The name of the subsection (because you can detect differents clients/mods/versions on the same channel)
#It is a condition : if the message sent by the client contains this text, HackedServer will read the rest of this subsection
Contains: "I'm using ExampleClient"
#The client name that HackedServer will display in its messages
ClientName: "ExampleClient"
#Actions to do when a player join with this client/mod/version
#Enabled Placeholders in Commands and AlertMessage : %p%, %version%, %message%
#Commands you want to be performed by the Console
- "kill %p%"
#Commands you want to be performed by the player (as an op)
OppedPlayerCommands: []
#Enable alerts for players who have permission hackedserver.alert
Alert: true
#Alert message to send if enabled
AlertMessage: "&c %p% &7sent the plugin message \"&c%message%&7\" using the version &c%version%"

Example section: Rift

- "MC|Brand"
- "minecraft:brand"
ClientName: "Rift"
Contains: "rift"
ConsoleCommands: []
OppedPlayerCommands: []
Alert: true
AlertMessage: "&c %p% &7just logged in using \"&c%version%&7\" !"
You can also read this little article on medium that explains my approach with examples
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How does the section work?
Example section: Rift