Commands and permissions

An exhaustive list of the commands and their permissions
/hackedserver » Main command (aliase : /hs) Permission: hackedserver.knowexistence
/hs help » Show help Permission :
/hs list » List all non vanilla users Permission : hackedserver.list
/hs check <Player> » Show player's versions Permission : hackedserver.check
/hs inv » Open HackedServer's inventory Permission : hackedserver.inv
/hs forge list » List all forge's users Permission : hackedserver.forge.list
/hs forge check <Player> » Show player's mods (forge) Permission : hackedserver.forge.check
/hs forge inv » Open HackedServer's forge inventory Permission : hackedserver.forge.inv
/hs reload » Permission : hackedserver.reload
Receive alerts » Permission : hackedserver.alert
Bypass » Permission : hackedserver.bypass
hackedserver.knowexistence permission is needed for every commands